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Conformance Services are a European “Notified Body” under the EMC Directive. We conduct EMC testing to all of the frequently used European, North American and CISPR Standards. Our reports are accepted by regulatory bodies and gain access to world-wide markets, including Australia (C-Tick), Japan (VCCI) and others. 

We test larger pieces of plant and equipment in-situ. This is a particularly valuable service, as it saves the time and expense of moving installations around. Many industrial and scientific pieces of equipment require special services, such as gas and water supplies. Our in-situ testing overcomes those problems. We are trained and have experience in many industrial environments and frequently work as contractors into major manufacturing organisations. Our Services are available throughout the European Union and in North America.  

Good EMC design is essential, so why leave it to chance? We offer a user-friendly EMC consultancy service giving practical advice during the design phase. We assist the mechanical designer(s) in best EMC practice - at surprisingly little cost. The long-term benefits are considerable. How many times have you had to re-track because of and EMC failure? Never again! Our ‘look-see’ EMC testing will reveal almost everything that a formal test would, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Our principle EMC consultant is John Davies, Chairman of the CISPR working group dedicated to standardising the EMC spectrum. John has been working with EMC standards for nearly 30 years, and has played an influential role in devising the current group of EMC standards. His valued insight is available exclusively through Conformance Services.

EN 55011 Emissions : Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM)
EN 55013 Emissions : Broadcasting equipment - radio, television, etc.
EN 55014 Emissions : Household apparatus and portable tools
EN 55020 Immunity : Broadcasting equipment - radio and television.
EN 55022 Emissions : Information Technology Equipment (ITE).
EN 55024 Immunity : Standard series for ITE
EN 55081-1 Emissions : Residential, commercial, and light industrial.
EN 55081-2 Emissions : Standard for heavy industrial environments.
EN 55082-1 Immunity : Residential, commercial, and light industrial.
EN 55082-2 Immunity : Standard for heavy industrial environments.
EN 61326 Generic : Measurement, control, and laboratory use. 

CISPR 11 – Emissions : Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM)
CISPR 12 – Emissions : Vehicles, motorboats, engines etc..
CISPR 13 – Emissions : Broadcasting equipment - radio, television  etc.
CISPR 14 – Emissions : Household apparatus and portable tools.
CISPR 15 – Emissions : Standards for luminaires.
CISPR 20 – Immunity : Broadcasting equipment, - radio and television etc.
CISPR 22 – Emissions : Information Technology Equipment (ITE).
CISPR 24 – Immunity : Standard series for ITE. 

These are just a few of the more common EMC standards that we test against. If you do not see your standard listed here, please ask - we can probably accommodate it.