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Technical Construction Files are an alternative route to compliance with the EMC Directive The EMC standards route is not always the best way to comply with the Directive, so you will be interested in hearing about the advantages of a Technical Construction File (TCF).

A description of the apparatus and its marketing. A description of the measures taken to ensure the conformity of the apparatus to the protection requirements, including supportive measurements if possible.

A report or certificate from an EMC Directive Competent Body

Sometimes there is no applicable harmonised European standard. You may only want to apply the European standard in part. Large equipment or large installed systems where formal EMC testing is impractical. (This may involve in-situ tests) Where there are large numbers of similar product variants and individual testing becomes uneconomic. The TCF option is available - and we can guide you though it.

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We will give you up to 2 hours of free consultancy to help you decide whether the TCF route is more appropriate than the formal testing route.