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Reliability is always going to be of concern to your customers. A basic analysis of your system can be made by component count, but we can add specific environmental and stress factors in to give a more realistic analysis.In addition, our software can integrate data from reliability trials and field statistics. These can be weighted according to their statistical significance, so that you have the best overall picture.

MTBF and Failure Rate are calculated according to commonly used models derived for both military and commercial objectives.

Bellcore (Telecordia)
This commercial model is based on the internationally recognised Bellcore Standard used to calculate the reliability of electronic equipment. The latest version is the Reliability Prediction Procedure TR-332 issue 6. There are three prediction methods:

- Parts count
- Parts count prediction with laboratory data
- Predictions based on field data

The military based standard is ideal for a project that is "mission critical". (This can be in either commercial or military terms). There are two methods used:

- Parts count, used in the early design phase.
- Parts stress analysis. This is used in the later design phases and requires 
  detailed information

Our main report package is comprehensive, however a summary report for management purposes is always available to give an overview without having to wade through the mathematics. As reliability is a highly complex issue, these reports are often appreciated