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Low Voltage Directive: 73/23/EEC
Machinery Directive: 98/37/EC

EN60950-1: Information technology and business equipment
EN61010-1: Scientific and laboratory equipment
EN60204: Electrical Machinery
EN60065: Domestic apparatus
EN60335: Domestic appliances
EN60601: Medical Equipment
EN1050: Risk Assessments 

These are the safety standards in most frequent use, but we there are many more that we have capability to test against. Please dont hesitate to ask.Pre-compliance design audit

Good electrical and mechanical safety is essential to your success and time-to-market. By making an  early safety assessment of your design, you can avoid costly mistakes so easily made.

Professional safety testing from our highly experienced engineers. "Notified Body" safety reports that you can deliver to your clients in either paper or .pdf format. For large equipment, machinery and plant - we travel to your premises and carry out the work in-situ.

Nobody likes failures - but when they happen, we give you sound advice on the quickest way to pass. You may have several options and we find you the best one to suit the circumstances