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Testing and Design Consultancy
¤  Environmental Surveys
¤  TCF Assessment and certification
¤  EMC and Functional Safety Assessments

¤ Low Voltage Directive (LVD) Testing
¤ Electrical Safety - Design Consultancy
¤ Safety Training Courses
¤ Machinery Directive Assessments
¤ Regulatory Approvals Management

¤ Health and Safety at work
¤ EMF workplace measurement surveys
¤ Workplace Risk Assessments
¤ Noise at Work surveys

¤ MTBF calculations
¤ Reliability modelling
¤ Failure Analysis
¤ Bellcore and MIL standards

Conformance Services are an organisation of talented and experienced test engineers based in South Cheshire. Principally, we offer Low-cost and Flexibility with most of our testing performed in-situ. We do our utmost to provide you with the facilities you need when you want them.

Over 90% of our staff are engineers, working directly with our customers. All are qualified to degree level, and each engineer has the specialist skills and experience essential for the task.

Conformance Services are recognised by the UK Department of Trade and Industry as a "Notified Body" for the EMC Directive and for the Low Voltage Directive. We work hard to maintain the highest standards possible and our service is independently assessed by UKAS on an annual basis.

We are members of the EMC Test Laboratory Association, and also play an active part in the development of EMC Standards within the EU Technical Committees and within CISPR.

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email:    enquiries@conformance-services.com